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Sermon Outline

1. Human life is sacred because we bear our Creator’s image and all life belongs to Him.

  • God created and imprinted His image upon each person, giving dignity and value to every single human life despite its stage of development.
  • God’s people must be comprehensively pro-life.
  • To attack an unborn child or any “image-bearer” is to attack the very image of the Creator God. Assaulting or enslaving another human being is nothing less than an attempt to eliminate the reminder that we are created by and accountable to the one true God.

2. The sacredness of life has always been, first and foremost, a spiritual battle, not a cultural one.

  • Since sin entered the world through the fall of man (Genesis 3), we have been living in a culture of death.
  • If we refuse to allow Jesus to rule on the throne of our lives, we will go to murderous lengths to maintain “perceived” control.
  • Sacredness of life can only be valued through the cross of Jesus Christ.

3. The church of Jesus Christ must lead the way in standing for life amidst a culture of death.

  • The cross of Jesus Christ offers grace and forgiveness for those affected by past actions against life.
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