Sermon Outline

The Purpose for Anointing

Tudor Bismark

Sunday April 29, 2012 – 11a Service


Theme –  The anointing is God’s empowerment on a person’s life.  Anointing comes to specific individuals at specific places at specific points in time to accomplish specific tasks.


·     Daniel 4:17

o     Anointing cannot visibly be seen. 

o     God gives anointing to whomever He wants.

o     God gives anointing even to individuals of low stature.


·     The Bible is a book of:

o     Redemption

o     Family

o     Wisdom

o     Faith

o     Decisions

o     Mysteries

o     Honor

o     Judgements

o     Power

o     Prosperity

o     The Kingdom

o     Rewards


·     The different kingdoms with which we interact

o     The Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33)

§     The Kingdom of God is a sovereign kingdom.  It is eternal. Faith is the dominant currency.

§     Romans 14:17

o     The kingdom of the devil (Matthew 12:25-26)

§     The devil’s kingdom is strong, but its goal is to cause weakness.

o     The kingdom of the world (Luke 4:5)

§     Satan has the power to control this kingdom.

o     The kingdom of men (Daniel 4:17)

§     God rules in this kingdom

§     In this kingdom we function through anointing.

§     Anointing is God’s means of empowering us since the time of the fall in the Garden of Eden.


·     Attributes of anointing

o     Just as did Jesus, each of us must grow and mature in order to receive God’s favor of an anointing Luke 2:52 and Luke 4:18.

o     Anointing cannot be seen.  It can only be felt.

o     Anointing can be cruel.  It requires us to make changes in our lives so we can accommodate the anointing.

o     Anointing requires us to raise the quality of our standards, purpose, values, and relationships.

o     When anointing comes there is going to be a specific assignment.


·     What to expect with anointing

o     You will be emboldened.

o     You will have trials.  Some trials are distractions caused by the devil designed to cause you to focus on something other than the purpose of your anointing.

o     Your life may dramatically and suddenly change.

o     God gives anointing to whomsoever He wills.


·     Reflective Questions for The Purpose of Anointing

o     Give an example of an individual who is particularly anointed in some way.  Comment on how, in most other ways, the person may seem quite ordinary.

o     Why does God require us to grow and mature before He bestows an anointing?

o     If you have been anointed in a particular area, how has Satan attempted to distract you from the purpose of your anointing?