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Sermon Outline

1. God wants His church in the present to look like His church in eternity.

2. God’s church must be shaped by His Word and Spirit - not the opinions of people outside - or inside - the church!

3. The moments when God speaks reveal something of His intended message.

4. You don’t inspire unity by dividing your fellow believers into the enlightened and the ignorant!  That only serves to create arrogant “winners” and resistant “losers!

5. Unity increases the church’s witness.

6. Preserving unity is hard work!

7. Unity doesn’t mean everyone acts like the majority.  It means everyone acts like a child of God.

8. Unity is a key indicator of the filling of the Holy Spirit and submission to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life.

9. Unity is the remedy for many of the dry places in our lives.

10. Unity enhances our growth in grace and in the knowledge of God.

11. Unity refreshes our spirits.

12. The blessings that follow unity are commanded – not conditional!



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