Sermon Outline

1. “Unhindered” means “not restrained or held back.”

2. When we refuse God on His terms our hearts become terminally hindered.

3. Refusing God doesn’t change reality; it changes those who refuse God.

4. When people dictate terms to God they lose all spiritual discernment.

5. Many don’t desire to see God as He truly is, because when we see God as He truly is we see ourselves as we truly are.

6. Human hindrances can’t hinder God’s people in mission!

7. Paul’s arrest couldn’t arrest God’s mission, because the world’s defiance can’t defy the power of God.

8. God doesn’t need favorable circumstances to do His work; just faithful servants.

9. God doesn’t prefer small results. He simply isn’t hindered by small beginnings.

10. The only chains that can hinder us are the chains we forge ourselves.



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