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Sermon Outline

1. Sooner or later our spiritual recovery in Jesus will be threatened by decreasing enthusiasm, increasing discouragement, and misplaced priorities.

2. Sustained enthusiasm is always a challenge – especially for those engaged in God’s work!

3. When God’s people say, “We will arise and build” Satan says, “I will arise and resist.” 

4. Disappointment grows best in the soil of previous success. 

5. In spiritual recovery a promising beginning may give way to perplexing delays.  

6. A spirit of resignation will suffocate the Spirit’s restoration.

7. Opposition may hinder our recovery, but a false interpretation of Scripture will prevent it!

8. A faulty interpretation of Scripture can paralyze our obedience!

9. Few things are more addictive than an excuse for disobedience!  

10. Widespread acceptance of a false interpretation doesn’t make it accurate!  Any interpretation of Scripture that validates disobedience is bogus!

11. We’re tempted to interpret Scripture to excuse selfishness.

12. God can’t bless misplaced priorities; He can only oppose them. Blessing them would be support of deception.

13. When you’re discouraged about your recovery don’t compare where you are to where you were in the past. Claim the grace that’s yours in the present because you’re in covenant with God!

14. Our past losses don’t limit our future recovery, because God’s with us - and He’s as good as ever!
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