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Sermon Outline

1.  The world we currently experience is not the world God intended.

2.  God’s invisible cloak is the biblical worldview that interprets all things through the lenses of His revealed truth.

3.  Children can’t find peace in God’s invisible cloak unless someone lovingly and intentionally offers it to them.

4.  God not only calls fathers to help their children become mature adults, He calls them to help their children become mature biblical realists.

5.  The invisible cloak is given through continual instruction and consistent demonstration.

6.  Fathers may tell, but they will not teach unless they practice what they preach.

7.  If we don’t offer children the invisible cloak of faith, they won’t go about naked. They’ll cover themselves with the cloak of lies offered by the world.

8.  We’re not called to bend God’s truth to accommodate our feelings; we’re called to submit our feelings to God for His correction.

9.  God calls fathers to provide a compelling image of righteousness.



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