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Sermon Outline

1. Jesus never called us to create Him in our own image; He invited us to know Him as He truly is.

2. God doesn’t want us to remain in the dark where the most important things in life are concerned, He wants us to know Him, know what’s going on in our hearts, and know what’s going on in the world.

3. The knowledge Jesus offers is only found in Him.  To look elsewhere is to remain in darkness.

4. Even true faith can go bad.

5. Faith gone bad leads to role reversal. Rather than expecting to serve God’s interests we expect Him to serve ours.

6. Faith gone bad destroys discernment.  Light appears to be darkness and darkness appears to be light.

7. People promote and protect darkness if they think it’s light!

8. When faith goes bad God’s Light can be rejected where God’s Word is regularly declared!

9. Those who’ve had opportunity to know God best may resist Him the most.

10. Faith gone bad produces selfish entitlement rather than sacrificial mission.

11. Jesus’ liberating Light isn’t always welcomed because it reveals the death within us.



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