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Week One - The Spiritual World

Luke 1:30-35 

This month, I hope you will meditate on the Glory of God as He has revealed it to us through the Christmas story. 

God’s glory is revealed in His creation, wisdom, and power

The first truth I hope you will see today is God’s glory revealed in the spiritual world.

It is important to let your eyes be opened to the spiritual world. Blindness to the spiritual world leaves you powerless in it. 

Spiritual battles have to be fought at the source.  

Victories cannot be won until you are completely submitted to God, this is a spiritual rule. 

Have you ever really given thought to the Christmas story? 

The Christmas story is one of the spiritual intersecting with the natural

The spiritual person is one who begins to understand the impact of the spiritual. 

When you begin to see what the Christmas story reveals, that the flesh and spirit influence one another, you will leave hopelessness and despair behind and begin to experience the power of the Spirit of God. 

The virgin birth, the Spirit creating in the flesh, is the key truth and the great glory of the Christmas story.  

Romans 3:22-24  

The Christmas story is the story of God invading the natural so the natural can be made whole in the spiritual.  


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