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Sermon Outline

1. The Spirit doesn’t reveal every lesson with fanfare. He reserves some lessons for those who take time to listen.

2. Rejection by people doesn’t mean rejection by God!

3. God delights in redemption - not rejection! (Micah 7:18; 2 Peter 3:9)

4. When we follow Jesus He doesn’t reject our talents and abilities; He redeems them.

5. God doesn‘t waste words! Everything He says He says for a good reason.

6. We have a habit of rejecting God as He is in order to make Him in our own image. When God’s words and actions don’t align with our concepts of Him we feel threatened and often go into spiritual attack mode.

7. When we fall to the temptation to make God in our own image we end up rejecting His truth in the name of protecting it!

8. “The cross of Jesus Christ is … the door whereby God keeps open house for the universe. Anyone can go through that door.” [Oswald Chambers]

9. God prepares His people for their Kingdom assignments

10. Make your pain your preparation for God’s next assignment!


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