Sermon Outline

1. Sometimes we need to read the directions and start over where God’s will is concerned.

2. Jesus didn’t instruct us to pray, “Thy will be done.” He instructed us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done.” And what God joined together we must not separate!

3. God’s will is the outworking of His love for us - and for a broken world.

4. When you box with God you eventually discover His arms are longer than yours!

5. God wills more than the blessing of His people. He wills the salvation of those still outside His Kingdom. So, if we fail to consider the latter, we’ll struggle to discern the former.

6. If we overlook God’s Kingdom as we seek His will our search will be limited.

7. What’s best for the Kingdom is ultimately best for us.

8. God’s people may unknowingly hinder God’s will.

9. The most difficult challenges to obeying God’s will may come from those who love us.

10. We’re prone to misinterpret God’s will when we interpret it in light of our emotions rather than God’s Kingdom agenda.


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