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Sermon Outline

1.  Shame can be a persistent invader; it seeks to invade our thoughts, emotions, and our actions.

2.  Guilt leads you to feel remorse for what you did; Shame leads you to feel remorse for who you are!

3.  God’s truth provides the antidote to being ill-informed.

4.  A culture that refuses to hear God’s truth will certainly need to see it demonstrated in the lives of believers.

5.  Deceit is a frequently used munition in the arsenal of the enemy. He deploys it often because it’s effective!

6.  Shame positions itself like a carjacker; it lurks about waiting to overtake your spiritual control.

7.  The incomparable love of God confirms our safeguard from the stain of shame.

8.  The stain of shame may be persistent, but it doesn’t have to be permanent because Jesus’ blood covers our sin stain.



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