Sermon Outline

1. Faith ends some struggles, but introduces others.

2. Paul didn't allow his caring friends to keep him from obeying his best Friend - because his best Friend was also his Lord.

3. When you know and love Jesus you want others to know and love Him also.

4. There's no following Jesus without discouragement - even when we're obedient.

5. Where God commands God provides. He increases our courage by increasing our understanding.

6. Diminished courage is a symptom of poor spiritual eyesight! We lose our courage because of distorted appearances.

7. When believers view life throught the lenses of unbelief and fear rather than God's character and promises - the view will be distorted.

8. Sustained courage requires stubborn discernment; the ability to continually look behind appearances and see God at work.

9. God often permits evil to serve His purposes.

10. Unbelief didn't defeat God's purpose, because God's purpose was to speak to unbelief one final time!

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