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Sermon Outline

1. The corruption that surrounds God’s people doesn’t have to birth compromise within God’s people!

2. Spiritual compromise isn’t the inevitable result of strong opposition; it’s the inevitable result of inadequate confidence in God.

3. Total devotion to God doesn’t require total disengagement from the world.

4. God often grants evil the appearance of control to make it clear only He is fit to rule His creation.

5. The existence of judgment and hell are ultimately expressions of God’s love.

6. God is currently restraining the evil in this world.  When His restraints are removed the world will see evil for what it is!

7. Fallen humanity corrupts every good thing it touches.

8. Fallen humanity turns dominion into the pursuit of domination. And the pursuit of domination brings the death of compassion.

9. Responsible political participation should never give way to undiscerning political passion.

10. Certainty about final outcomes is the key to trust in the uncertainties of the moment.

11. God is allowing evil to escalate - on the way to its eternal defeat.



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