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Sermon Outline

1. The pressures of temptation don’t have to produce compromise.

2. The pressures exerted upon Jesus’ followers by corrupt culture can be made to firm up our faith!

3. Our decisions not only reflect our character; they shape it.  Obeying God makes us more courageous. Obeying our fears makes us more cowardly. 

4. Our first “Yes” to God will always be the hardest, while our first “No” to compromise will always be the easiest.

5.  Delayed obedience is the most difficult obedience!

6. Faith has to refuse many things, but those refusals are more attractive when they’re spoken in grace.

7. Our witness is damaged when a godly decision is communicated in an uncaring, ungodly fashion!  

8. Faith doesn’t stifle intelligence; it liberates it.

9. Those who worship God possess far more power than those who worship power!   

10. God doesn’t always validate our obedience immediately.  Sometimes His validation comes later.



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