Week 2 The Assignment

Isaiah 6:8

Ephesians 2:8-10

What we need to know about ourselves:

  • We are created in Christ Jesus to do good works.
  • We were made with a purpose.

How does God change the world? He uses people.

God’s people are perfectly aligned for a spiritual revolution.

In the world of the Kingdom, we have a name for it: calling.

Calling is not an option, it is an order of God.

God made you to find life-giving joy in your spirit when you do His will.

That life is found in every assignment.

The spirit-giving life is found in the will of God.

The will of God leads us to eternal work and there is food to eat that feeds your soul

Most of our callings are not to world-famous positions, but they are all to eternally rewarding positions.

Life to the full: Fulfillment that comes from expressing your divinely-given gift.

The world changes when we do our work.

There are lifetime calls, seasonal calls, and one-hit wonders.

Are you serious about answering the call?

There is reward in Heaven, but there is meat to eat now if you will say, “Lord here am I, send me.”


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