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Sermon Outline

1. To fully grasp God’s truth we need to see it fleshed out in others.  That’s when it ceases to be theory and becomes reality.

2. Instruction in how to live as a believer isn’t effective until we’re convinced it makes sense to believe!

3. It’s an awesome thing to have accurate insight into who God is, what He has said and is saying, and what He’s up to in the world!  (Hebrews 1:1-3; Proverbs 21:12) 

4. There’s a big difference between actually knowing God as He has revealed Himself and assuming to know God and then making Him in our own image!

5.  When we don’t know what lies ahead we should affirm what we do know about God.  It places everything else in perspective.  (Acts 4:23-31)

6. The most blessed and spiritually secure people are those who focus on God’s character in their thoughts and speech - no matter what is unfolding around them!  (Psalm 1)

7. As targets of unrelenting spiritual warfare in a media-obsessed culture we can easily slip into thinking more like our secular neighbors than the saints who preceded us.  

8. We often pray for changed circumstances when what we really need is a changed perspective.

9. Just as our thinking influences our speech, our speech influences our thinking.  (Proverbs 12: 13-14; Matthew 12:34)

10. Speaking the language of God in the community of faith positions us to be confident as we live in the community of humanity.

11. Rather than bringing every thought captive to Christ, God’s people can become prisoners of their own feelings.

12. Our prayers shouldn’t depend upon our circumstances; our prayers should teach us to learn dependence upon God!



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