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Sermon Outline

Just because you have faith doesn’t mean you are immune.

As Christians, let’s be the light of the world. Call, text and encourage. Pray about who.

Daniel 3:16-18

Every story of God has three parts:

  1. The setup,    
  2. The response, and  
  3. The outcome.

This story gives us some important insight.

What is their statement to the king?

Daniel 3:17-18

“Our God is able. He is going to deliver us.
But if not…” That means “if not here.”

Many times Christians look at one story that suits their purposes.

The whole Bible informs us of God and how He works.

I want to build you into a person of God.

Whatever God asks us to go through, God will give us the strength to go through

Here is the real challenge to the American Church. We love our way and our life more than we love His presence.

The absence of His presence leaves us vulnerable to the sweeping tides of uncertainty.

Galatians 5:22-25

The reality of His presence gives us peace in all circumstances.

If God is present with us, we can walk in peace in all circumstances of life.


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