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Sermon Outline
1. More than the words we speak, our important decisions announce our ultimate devotions – to us, and those who observe us. (Luke 6:46)
2. People devoted to God can serve the state under God, but we cannot serve the state as if it is God! (Mark 12:17; 1 Peter 2:13-14)
3. Human government was God’s idea. (Romans 13)
4. Obedience given to Caesar is given out of obedience to God - not as an endorsement of Caesar!
5. Any claim Caesar makes on us must be weighed against the infinitely higher claim God has on us! (Philippians 3:20; 1 Peter 2:13-14)
6. Our citizenship is in God’s Kingdom – not a nation state. Jesus’ followers are aliens in any nation!
7. Good things become bad things when they become substitutes for the God who called them into being!
8. We need to continually ask God if our political positions and passions express His concerns and interests or our own.
9. We can’t be generally devoted to God any more than we can be generally devoted to our spouse! The practice of devotion is always flawed, but devotion itself can’t be mixed.
10. The God who wants to liberate us from everything that diminishes us must often trouble us before He can transform us. Transformation usually arrives on the heels of some uncomfortable recognition.
11. When confronted by a corrupt culture we always have two choices - our commitment or our fear.
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