The Pre-Story

Acts 10:1-8 

A miracle has to do with divine intervention.

The work of Jesus was available to everyone.

What are the qualities that made Cornelius a man God would choose to use to break open the door of prejudice?

  1. Cornelius was a devout man.
  • His life was consistent with his knowledge and he wanted to know more.
  1. He had a fear of God.
  • He was concerned about getting life right.
  • He understood the power of authority, that God was the ultimate authority, and if we are displeasing to God there is no defense.
  1. Cornelius’ devotion produced three results.
  • Cornelius influenced his entire family.
  • Cornelius felt a responsibility to those in need.
    • The Bible teaches that generosity in us brings the generosity of God upon us.
    • Generosity pleases God.
  • Cornelius prayed continually.  

Devotion to God and fear of God produce actions pleasing to God.


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