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Who Is In Charge Around here?

Genesis 1:1

To understand our times, you have to begin to understand the unseen world.

To understand our world, you have to get a biblical view of God.

How do you view God? 

To understand God is like understanding eternity or the cosmos.

The Bible gives us a little insight into God.

God is presented to us as The Great All-in-All.

At the center of all things, holding it all together is God our creator.

We are called to put our trust in Him, and it is impossible to please God without faith.

Revelations 4:11

When God confronts Job, He asks him a few questions, giving us a picture of the divide between us and God.

Job 38:4-6

Job 42:1-6

The more of God you see, the more you will say, “Okay God, whatever You say!”

Rejection of God’s way is the finite one saying to the All-Powerful, All-Knowing One, “I know better than you.”

In these dark hours of man, God reveals His nature to mankind.

Three charateristics you need to see:

  • God is love
  • God is merciful
  • God is wrath

Colosians 3:5

John 3:36

Do you want to understand our times?
Here it is: our hope is in an Almighty God as we obey Him.



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