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Sermon Outline

1. The story we choose determines what we refuse.

2. Unbelief doesn’t persist because it lacks evidence.  It persists because it refuses faith.

3. Unbelief protects its previous investments by  refusing anything that threatens them. 

4. The world often demands a high price from those who refuse to do things its way

5. Those who follow God cannot give ultimate loyalty to any nation - including their own! 

6. Believers can’t serve any nation state as if it is God or an extension of God!

7. The state as a human institution tends to  drift toward idolatry

8. Those who refuse God as their ultimate authority and security will always look to someone or something else for those things. 

9. Patriotism is a healthy concern for one’s country and a desire to see it improve.  Nationalism is an excessive, undiscriminating devotion to one’s country that takes priority over all other concerns

10. People are often prepared to pay a high spiritual price for the benefits promised by human societies and governments!

11. When idolatry is common it begins to feel acceptable.



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