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Sermon Outline

1. The gap between the miracle we desire and its occurrence isn’t as great as we often imagine. Sometimes it can be bridged by one single act of obedience!

2. God may permit a gap between our request and His provision in order to expose the gaps in our faith.

3. God often discloses good news in words that initially don’t sound very good!

4. God desires more for us than a miracle that brings relief. He desires faith that brings restoration.

5. God’s glory isn’t something we can never know; it’s something He wants us to know!

6. When we see God accurately we begin to see ourselves accurately.

7. If we’re going to learn who God is - and who we are - we need to identify the barriers to that knowledge; and remove them.

8. Before Jesus does what only He can do He often asks us to do what only we can do.

9. Even deep faith is subject to dark hours.

10. Unbelief always has its reasons. It has a big “but!

11. Jesus has the power to turn our need into a testimony; but before He does we may need to remove a stone.

12. When we act God reacts!



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