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Bible: YouVersion
Sermon Outline

Series: Triumphing in Troubles Times
Elect Exiles
1 Peter 1:1-12


Who We Are as Believers - Identity

1. Scattered People (1 Peter 1:1)

2. Selected/ Elected People: Father

3. Set Apart by the Holy Spirit

4. Sprinkled Clean by the Blood of Christ

5. Living with Hope that will never die.

6. Living with Heaven in mind.

7. Kept by the power of God.


What We Are Going Through in a Troubled World

1. Grieving through many kinds of trials.

2. Living through trials to prove our faith is in God.


How We Are Responding to God's Grace Even While Suffering

1. Loving Jesus Christ until we see Jesus.

2. Believing Jesus Christ until we see Jesus.

3. Having exceeding joy while waiting to see Jesus.


Challenge for Us:

Do you know what you have in Jesus Christ?

Do you know what you have become in Jesus Christ?


Scripture References