The Holy Spirit in the World

John 16:5-14

How did we get where we are today?

When society rejects the moral law of God, the only other standard is the moral law of man. The moral law of man is founded in the sin nature.

Sin never stops pulling us down.

The big question: Is it too late to see a turnaround?

Jesus said, “It’s good that I go because if I don’t go the Helper will not come.” Until that time, relationships with Jesus had been by sight.

The Holy Spirit comes to bring truth alive in our spirit.

What is the Holy Spirit’s work in the world?

  1. He will convict the world of sin.
  • The Holy Spirit can move upon the darkened heart and awaken it.
  • The Holy Spirit can move on man to convict him of sin he loves, even when he is convinced it is not sin.
  1. The Holy Spirit convicts us of self-righteousness.
  • When we meet the Holy Spirit, our sense of self-righteousness dies.
  • When we walk in the Holy Spirit, He builds our inner conviction and desire to do what is right.
  1. When the Holy Spirit comes, we are convicted unto judgement.

We live in a day where the hearts of many are seared.

A seared heart is past its ability to heal.  However, it is not past God’s ability to heal it.

It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, but we have a job to do as well.

  1. We must turn from sin.
  2. We must proclaim the Word.
  3. We must pray.
  • This is the measurement that tells us if there is hope or not.
  • Will the Church return to a heart-felt desperate prayer?
  1. We must worship.
  • The heart of worship changes the atmosphere of the room, the church, a community, and a nation. It is a statement of faith that we believe in God.

All battles are fought first in the spiritual realm.




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