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Sermon Outline

1. Our lack of understanding of God’s word is not a result of God’s lack of clarity, but an opportunity for deeper revelation.

2. God’s ability to answer our prayers far exceeds our ability to ask.

3. The boundaries that God places upon Himself don’t minimize Him or His power, but they magnify His love toward us.

4. When a Christian becomes lax in their pursuit of God, they succumb to arrested development.

5. “We can't do it without Him; He will not do it without us." [Adrian Rogers]

6. The first place God points to when we face difficulty is our prayer life. [Richard Blackaby]

7. A sign of spiritual maturity is becoming less self-conscious and more Christ-conscious. [Mark Batterson]

8. If you live your life as if everything is about you, you will be left with just that - just you.

9. Our response to God’s saving grace and gift of the Holy Spirit is expressed through our response to others.

10. When we grasp the amazing truth that nothing is too difficult for God, we suddenly become a world-changing people.



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