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Sermon Outline

1. God has suffered more character assassination, false allegations, malicious trolling, and fake news than anyone in the universe!

2. Even when His identity is seen many prefer to believe fake news about God because it serves their purposes.

  • It denies the cancer of pride, or worse, pronounces it good.
  • It celebrates their affair with the illusion of self-sufficiency.
  • It validates their rebellion against God and His Kingdom.
  • It protects their investments in unbelief.

3. Jesus is God’s way of combatting fake news.

4. Jesus is the exact representation of God’s nature.

5. God revealed Himself to us in language we could understand - flesh and blood.

6. Jesus showed us God created us.

7. Jesus showed us we’re damaged creatures.

8. Jesus showed us we were created for better than what we’ve known.

9. Jesus showed us God’s willing to go to incredible lengths to restore us.

10. Jesus showed us God will restore anyone who accepts His gracious invitation.



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