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Sermon Outline

1.  The unity of the Spirit is the holy, spiritual connection created by God’s Spirit and shared by Jesus’ followers.

2.  The practice of Spirit unity helps the world believe Jesus was sent from God. (John 17:23)

3.  The first blessing of practiced unity is knowing we’re the answer to Jesus’ prayer.  The second is knowing our unity draws people to Jesus!

4.  God calls attention to those who preserve unity!

5.  Practiced unity advances spiritual maturity. Those who separate themselves from other believers because they believe they possess greater maturity end up separating themselves from maturity!

6.  Any unity that demands those different than us do things our way is bogus!

7.  Preserved unity flows out of love for Christ

8.  To value unity solely for its benefits is to commit idolatry.

9.  The blessings of unity touch those who don’t embrace unity.

10. If we aren’t vigilant, culture will determine our wardrobe!



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