Sermon Outline

1. The Holy Spirit often leads us to hard places where we initially don’t wish to go!

2. People under the influence of sin feel a need to believe they’re superior to someone else.

3. Prejudice is often found in Jesus’ disciples.

4. Until prejudice is confessed and abandoned it severely limits the Spirit’s work and our witness.

5. When prejudice can’t be open it usually goes underground.

6. God has no favorites! The ground is level at the foot of the cross!

7. "The Christian gospel is fundamentally incompatible with racial prejudice." (Dr. King)

8. No one has suffered as much blind prejudice as God!

** Remember, the battle against prejudice is a spiritual battle that calls for spiritual weapons.

** Remember, when our faith makes us feel we’re better than someone else that feeling comes from the devil – not from God.

** Seek to emulate Jesus’ treatment of others.

** Ask the Spirit to reveal your heart.

** Don’t return evil for evil.

** Intentionally seek relationships with those of other ethnicities. Distance and isolation are fertile soil for prejudice.

** Listen to understand and learn, rather than talking to lecture or defend.

** Realize some will not welcome your efforts, but Jesus will bless them!



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