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Sermon Outline

1. Genesis explains God’s heart, why things are as they are, and why they’ll one day be as God promised.

2. Those who understand Genesis can rest in God’s truth. Those who don’t are left to wrestle with the things that appear to contradict God’s truth.

3. Alternative faiths don’t represent alternative pursuits of God, but the pursuit of alternatives to God! (Romans 1:18)

4. Cain was not ignorant or innocent. He was rebellious.

5. False faiths don’t constitute devotion on a different path but rebellion that rejects God’s path. They exalt human ideas and preferences over God’s revelations.

6. False religions always reflect their source. (1 Timothy 4)

7. Similarities between the Gospel and false religions don’t indicate a common origin; they indicate a skilled counterfeiting.

8. False religion and murder go hand-in-hand.

9. When we substitute anything for God we effectively lose both God and the substitute!

10. Rebellion doesn’t become faith simply because it acts like faith.



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