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Our Father

Matthew 6:9  

One of the ways God reveals Himself to us is through His names and claims

It’s in those names and claims that we see how our relationship with God is supposed to work. 

 “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

Jesus presents God as our Father all throughout the Gospels.

Matthew 7:9-11  

Matthew 10:29-31  

Our personal experience with our earthly father may impact our view of and our love for our Heaven Father.

Listen to this advice:
Don’t be shaped by the broken; look to the healthy.

  • Find a Father you can watch

  • It’s not a sign of weakness to say, “I want to learn.” In fact, it is a sign of strength
  • Look in the Word to the example of the Heavenly Father

He is attentive

He will be our counselor.

He will be our strength.

He is generous

He loves us

He is merciful and forgiving