The Calvary Way

52nd Anniversary Sunday

Matthew 10:38-39  

Calvary is the place Jesus died so we could have new life.

Calvary is not just the name of our church; Calvary is where the world was forever changed, and we were given the opportunity to know God and to live life to the fullest.

We are a people created by the work on Calvary.
So what is the Calvary way?

The people of Calvary are serious followers of Jesus.

How do serious followers of Jesus approach life?

The Calvary Way

  1. We believe that God the creator loves us and wants to have communion with us.

    Living by faith is the Calvary way

  2. We believe that God has revealed Himself and His ways to us through His word.

    Being dedicated to the word is the Calvary way.

  3. We believe that we were made for community.

    Being in relationship with other believers is the Calvary way.

  4. We believe we were created to serve.

    Being a servant to others is the Calvary way.

  5. We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells with us so we can overcome all things

    Being an overcomer in life is the Calvary way.

  6. We believe that the world is trapped in a hopeless cycle of darkness until they discover Jesus.

    Being a witness to the world for Jesus is the Calvary way.

Are you committed to the Calvary Way?




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