Sermon Outline

1. Missions Month Theme: Danger Courage and Obedience.  Serving God in Dangerous Places.

2. God is a self-sacrificing God, He calls us to be self-sacrificing people.

3. “When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die.” [Dietrich Bonhoeffer]

4. It is the nature of God’s love to sacrifice on behalf of those He loves.  It is the nature of His love; therefore, it is the nature of love. 

5. This was a rational decision by the most rational being in the universe.

6. It was all done out of obedience to the Father who loved Him perfectly; and yet still sent Him to His death.

7. Prayer is the primary work of God’s people.

8. There are still over 1,600 Ethnicities that have no access to the Gospel.

9. If we really could understand the power that God longs for us to possess we would indeed pray without ceasing.

10. Everything we have belongs to God; we are His stewards.

11. The “go” is meant for everyone.  Everybody is responsible to be involved in the going.

12. “If the resurrection is true, it changes everything.” [Nik Ripken]



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