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Sermon Outline

1. God’s good gifts sometimes appear to clash.  

2. The gifts of eager anticipation and patient waiting are never in conflict.  They only appear to be in conflict when they’re distorted.

3. The gift of eager anticipation was meant to create a sense of need and instigate a search. It was meant to draw us to God.

4. Anticipation is willing to wait for the good God has promised.  Lust demands the good immediately, and in so doing, it forfeits the good and settles for counterfeits.  

5. The lust that demands gratification forfeits joy.  

6. The gift of patient waiting was meant to increase our understanding and our trust. It was also meant to draw us to God. 

7. Patience sees God’s goodness in His delays.  Resignation sees betrayal.

8. What we really desire is already with us, not ahead of us!  Our hearts hunger for God

9. God uses delays to help us recognize our real hunger and renounce the empty fillers that leave us spiritually malnourished.

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