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Matthew 15:21-28

There are things in life that we just learn to live with.

The story of Jesus is full of people who had something in their lives that was outside of their reach to change until Jesus came along.

Some of us live with things that we just get used to, it’s just the way life is. There is no changing it. Certainly not on our own, but Jesus is waiting.

There was a mom in a hopeless circumstance.
Matthew 15:21-28

Some of you feel like Jesus ignored you when you asked once. You must be destined to live with it. It feels hopeless, but you gave up a step too soon

Today the souls of our children and grandchildren are being seduced.  

The heart of our culture is being swept away from the truth. Hopeless, but Jesus is still here. 

These 35 Days of Prayer are not meant to be a fix-all; this is a call to battle

Are you at peace with how things are in your life? 

Have you been robbed of joy and peace?      

Are you comfortable with the thought of lost family and friends?

Have you given up on those you know trapped in addictions?

Does our society’s rejection of God and Godly morals just seem inevitable?

Are we just going to live with it, or are we going to become unshakable in faith?

35 Days of Prayer - The goal is intimacy with God that leads to partnership in His will filled with power for His purpose.

Stretch yourself. Engage in the spiritual battle.

Start each prayer time with:

  1. Prayer for personal purity, and deeper love for God.

  2. Prayer for family.

  3. Prayer for the church to have the revelation of God and the knowledge of His will.

  4. Prayer for our country, to have natural affection for God and Christian morality to awaken.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Nothing is hopeless.

We have to ask.

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