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Sermon Outline

1. John had an incredible story to tell men and women trapped in the Upside Down World. The hope of heaven’s future deliverer was no longer just a hope. He was a very present reality. His name was Jesus.

2. A Right-side Up Christmas begins with the whole story of Jesus, and the whole story of Jesus begins “In the beginning.”

3. His story must begin not with the simple Christ-child in humble estate, but with the eternally pre-existing Word in heaven’s glory.

4. The notion of the logos (or Word) was pregnant with meaning in both Jewish and Greek thought, and He (the Holy Spirit) inspired John to use all of its rich meaning to convey the wonder of the incarnation to the whole world.

5. A Right-side Up Christmas recognizes that the humble babe wrapped in swaddling clothes was just a touchable version of the Eternal Word robed in divine glory.

6. “The Son of God became man to enable men to become the sons of God.” [C.S. Lewis]

7. A Right-side Up Christmas is a wonderful family event! It’s an occasion for the children of God to celebrate the Advent (the arrival) of the Son of God. Others may satisfy themselves with the trinkets of Christmas, but we rejoice in the treasure that is Christ.

8. We live in an Upside Down World, but a Right-side Up Savior lives in us.



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