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Two or More

Ezra 8:21-23 
Here is one of many times in the Bible where a group is called to pray for God to intervene or protect them. 

This is an example of group prayer
The example of leaders calling the people of God to group prayer is common throughout the Bible. 

God does so much when we go one-on-one in prayer with him. 
However, there is great promise when we gather with others and pray.

Matthew 18:18-20 
There is power in people praying together

Your adversary does not want you to pray with others. 
The faith-filled believer prays and enlists others to pray with them. 

So God infuses unified prayer with power.  

When you pray with others God promises to join the circle

Personal prayer time: self, family, church, country, and the lost. 
Let each subject be informed by Matthew 6:9-13.

Are there situations in your family that should be different?
Do you have concerns about where America is headed? 
Do you believe God is true to His word?
Does your prayer life look like it?

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