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Sermon Outline

Acts 2:42-43

The Christian weakness is magnified because we have not built a strong base for faith.

We undermine and discredit the strength and wisdom of the Bible with trite answers.

It is easy to feel helpless in the face of the growing opposition of the day.

There is helplessness because of a lack of knowledge.

There is helplessness because of a lack of God-given ability.

There is helplessness that comes from “I just don’t want to.”

Why is the Church helpless today?

When we feel helpless against the opposition of the world today, it is really a helplessness of “I just don’t want to pay the price.”

When we don’t exercise the instructions of the Bible, we leave power on the table.

We are only helpless when we choose to be.

James, the brother of the Lord, says; “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16 KJV

Hebrews 11:6


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