Easter At Calvary

Romans 1:1-6

We come here today because of the resurrection.

We would not be here without the resurrection

The Church would not be without the resurrection.

All of Christianity is built on the resurrection.

The world would be a very different world without Jesus empowered by the resurrection.

When you take away the resurrection, you take the judgement of God out of our lives, then anything goes.

Today we have the encroaching philosophy of, “Do whatever seems right to you.”

The first problem with rejecting Jesus is we lose any footing for moral conduct.

The second problem with rejecting Jesus is we lose all hope of overcoming power.

I am telling you there is real living power that changes your life.

The third problem with rejecting Jesus is we lose hope for eternal life.

Four beliefs:

  1. We die and that’s it.
  2. We die with an uncertainty of eternity.
  3. We die, enter into some punishment, and then are reincarnated.
  4. We die and stand before God by faith in Jesus.

The power of Jesus is based on the power that resurrected Him from the dead.



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