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Sermon Outline

1. We should avoid judging someone’s character and spiritual condition based upon one brief encounter or observation. [Luke 6:41,Romans 14:10]

2. When adversity and hardship invade our lives – we should always summon Jesus first! [Psalm 46:1, 1Peter 5:7]

3. No situation is too big or too little to inquire of God. [Matthew 19:26,Jeremiah 32:17]

4. God’s glory is always the primary kingdom objective. [Romans 11:36, 1Peter 4:11]

5. God doesn’t always give us what we want because He prefers to give us what we need. [Isaiah 55:8,Proverbs 16:9]

6. When it seems like God is slow in responding, pray He’ll give you what you need according to His will – not yours. [Matthew 6:10,Luke 22:42]

7. Obedience to God is always the best course of action even if it’s difficult or invites danger.
[John 15:14,Luke 11:28]

8. It’s better to live dangerously with Jesus by your side than to seek safety apart from Him. [John 11:16,Acts 7:59-60]

9. Divided loyalties invite idolatry. [Matthew 10:37]



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