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God Heals Our Inner Wounds

Isaiah 61.1-3

Assessing the Wounds
There are three levels of injury:

  1. Superficial Injuries 
    These are typical hurts and disappointments all of us face.

  2. Major Injuries 
    These include: loss of a loved one, infidelity of a partner, separation or divorce, loss of a job, infertility, abortion, addiction, emotional rejection, social isolation, untreated mental health issues, and poor health.

  3. Trauma Injuries 
    These include: victims of abuse and assault, witnesses of war, extreme violence, or acts of terrorism, untreated mental illness, exposure to natural disaster, and murder, suicide, or abduction of a loved one.

Understanding the Wounded
As Christians, we must not be naïve about suffering this side of Heaven.

Scripture is filled with inner wounds of God’s people: Jacob, Hannah, Job, Jeremiah, Peter, and Jesus.

Signs that someone is struggling with an inner wound:

  • Externalizing the wound
    Some people project their internal pain through displacement.

  • Internalizing the wound
    The wound is repressed or compartmentalized deep within their mind and emotions.

  • Numbing the wound
    Others numb their internal wounds with compulsions and addictions.

God invites each of us to consider His healing touch.

Cleanse the Wound by Processing the Pain
A wound that is not properly cleansed gets infected and can become a chronic wound; it never heals.

Once we cleanse a wound, a scar begins to form and healthy healing can begin.

Choose the Path of Forgiveness
There are only two paths away from offenses and wrongs: unforgiveness and forgiveness.

God’s Healing is Possible Through Faith
Psalm 38.5; 1 John 1.9

Faith practices to incorporate in your daily life:

  • Trust – Give God control.

  • Pray – Cast your cares upon the Lord because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5.7

  • Believe – “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147.3

God’s Healing is Promised Through Jesus
Matthew 11.28-30; Isaiah 53.3-5

God’s Healing is a Process
Sometimes we are instantly delivered; sometimes God takes us through a process of releasing our burden and receiving healing.

  • We release our burden through prayer and processing.

  • We receive healing through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

  • We are healed through the work of Jesus Christ in our lives. 

  • We are healed through worship as God inhabits our praises.

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