Jeremiah 17:9-10   

Three areas where we have to go deeper if we want to last: feelings, thinking, and actions.
The heart almost always addresses feelings or emotions, when mentioned in the Bible. 

How we feel seems to be the guiding light for our culture’s beliefs and actions today. 

The Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things

Of all the deceitful things in the world, the emotions of man rank biblically as the highest.  

Who do the emotions deceive?  us

The question is asked, “Who can understand it?”

Matthew 5:21-22 
Matthew 5:27-28  
Matthew 5:43-44 

If Jesus said “Look, just act right” okay. But He doesn’t.
Jesus says, “You have to feel right.”

Jesus takes the standard of faithfulness to what seems to be unrealistic standards. We are being taught that mankind's heart is deceitful and we have to be healed

Getting our heart right, our feelings right, is key to longevity of faith. 
Do I feel right about God
Do I feel right about others?  
Do I feel right about sin

We have to wrestle with the heart

If we don’t impose a standard of values on our life, life will impose a standard on us. We will give in to deceitfulness of the heart. We will act out of feelings. 

Anger, lust, selfish desires. The sin nature will rule unless the God nature is sought out. 

Proverbs 11:2

Pride is confidence outside of God.   
Humility is the understanding that I need God in all things, including God teaching me how to feel

Right feelings start with humility

Who do you live to please?  

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