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Mother's Day 2019

Matthew 10:37-39 

When we surrender our wants, desires, thoughts, words, and actions to Christ, we become selfless.

When we surrender the demands of this life to a higher purpose, we gain a greater spiritual awareness of how we should live.

We cannot value our life in this world more than we value Jesus and our life in the next world.

Being a disciple means laying down your life for Him. Being a disciple means living a selfless life devoted to the cause of Christ

Micah 6:8

Luke 14:26-27
This passage is not about exclusivity. It is a warning against idolizing other relationships over your relationship with Christ. 

Jesus is not saying, “Love Me only.” He is saying, “Love Me first.” 

When Jesus is first, everything else falls into proper order.
Luke 10:38-42

Make Christ the sun of your personal universe. Revolve around Him, and let Him determine what season it is.

Pay attention to the work that is appropriate to the season in which He has placed you.

Discipleship is uncomfortable.

John 11:38-44

Discipleship is a process

When we become disciples of Christ, our way of thinking changes; we become Kingdom thinkers, we remember God’s Word, we hear His voice, and we are led by the Holy Spirit

Discipleship is all about putting God at the front of everything in our lives. 

How do I start taking up my cross? 
Start with small acts of obedience
Matthew 10:42

People who are great at what they do started by taking small steps towards a greater goal.

You are capable of countless small acts of obedience.

Why does discipleship matter? 
Luke 14:16-23
People who seem to be destined to partake in God’s kingdom will miss the invitation, and God is going to fill their seats with some very unexpected guests

We cling so tightly to the here and now that we lose sight of eternity.

Discipleship means living every day with eternity in mind.

The most important decision you will make in this life is what you are going to do with Jesus

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