Sermon Outline

1. A shipwreck is an event or series of events that appears to put our souls and our future in danger! And Jesus’ followers aren’t immune to them!

2. Sustained courage calls for sustained memory. We have to continually remind ourselves of things God reminds us of continually.

3. Most shipwrecks are the inevitable result of living in a broken world among broken people.

4. Don’t blame shipwrecks on God. Doing so will put you at odds with hope!

5. Shipwrecks are inevitable for those who dare to take risks.

6. Shipwrecks are never a total loss for Jesus’ followers.

7. Our lives as Jesus’ followers are more than any ship in which we once sailed.

8. For Jesus’ followers the things that mattered most before a shipwreck remain after the shipwreck.

9. The future that looks bleak immediately after a shipwreck will look brighter in the future.

10. Someone’s opportunity for faith may be born with our shipwreck.

11. No shipwreck can keep us from finishing our God-intended course.



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