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Sermon Outline

1. Hopelessness is most bitter - and most deadly - when it comes fast on the heels of hope!

2. God often uses the stubbornness of evil for our gain and evil’s loss!

3. We can’t move forward with God until we’re convinced we can’t move forward on our own!

4. Faith isn’t self-improvement; it’s God-replacement. It doesn’t remove human limitations; it attaches them to an unlimited God.

5. The new life God offers can’t be constructed on the foundations of our old life!

6. Slavery is built on a foundation of demonic lies in the souls of its perpetrators and it births demonic lies in the souls of its victims. And demonic lies are stubborn!

7. Momentary despair and confusion are often early indicators of God at work.

8. When God leads us somewhere it’s always for our ultimate gain - even if it’s a hard place.

9. Past pains often make us pessimists - even when we know God.

10. Israel sang a song of recognition - not anticipation.

11. If we don’t move forward in faith we move backwards.



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