Sermon Outline

Judges 6:11-13
God is asking us to go all in.
Big Idea: God has more He wants to do through you!
The book of Judges gives us a picture of people compromising on God's revelation and the trouble coming. Principle sin opens the door to the enemy in our lives. God raised up judges to rescue them and to judge them.
Judges 6:13 This is typical of many people whose own actions have brought the power of the enemy upon them. They feel like God has let them down.
In that moment, God heard their cry and sent Gideon to their rescue.
Judges 6:14-15 God almost always uses a person.
Gideon had trust issues.
Like us when faced with a challenge from God, Gideon did not think he was the right choice.
Judges 6:16
It starts with believing who God says you are.Judges 6:12
" The Lord calls Gideon a mighty warrior.
" As Christians, we are often challenged to believe what we don't see. How do you think about yourself?
" There are many examples from the Bible of those who were unqualified or felt inadequate.
" What you believe about yourself can often be different than what God believes about you. He knows what kind of power He is going to add to your life.
" So, what does God say about you? Here are some identity statements in scripture.1 Peter 2:9; Galatians 3:26-28; 1 John 3:1; Romans 8:15-17 How do these truths impact how you live?
o If we believe we are going to inherit heaven and all the beauty and glory of eternal life, how does that impact our view of the world?
o If we believe we are a child of the only God, the God most high, how does that impact our self-talk?
o If we believe we aren't slaves to fear as Romans 8 says, should we be afraid of tomorrow?
o If we believe that God is almighty, and that God is with us, should we hesitate before doing anything He asks us to do?
o What you believe about yourself, determines the direction of your life.
" When you start to believe these biblical truths about yourself,
o you start to turn the direction of your life toward a better future,
o you start to have the confidence to go all in for God, and
o you can experience a life filled with hope and peace.
" When these truths happen in your life, you become ready to accept challenges and be used of God.

Believe God is with you.Judges 6:16
" Jesus has given us the same promise.Matthew 28:18-20
" Jesus is with you wherever you go and in whatever He asks you to do!
" The real question is, how do you know God is with you?
" Cultivate your faith by:
o reading the Bible,
o taking time to pray each day,
o praying with your spouse,
o praying with your kids,
o being faithful to church, and
o being generous.
"Philippians 4:6-7
" In the kingdom of God, greatness come in obedience and service.

Believe what God speaks.
" What is the purpose of a human life? What is the purpose of your life? The purpose of man is to give glory to God. We find purpose as God calls.

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