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Sermon Outline

1. God’s people can’t give ultimate allegiance to anyone or anything other than God – or in addition to God!

2. People are often prepared to pay a high spiritual price for the benefits promised by human societies and governments.

3. The world often demands a high price from those who refuse to do things its way

4. Those who opt for unbelief – or false belief – will always bring accusations against God’s people

5. People mock what they don’t understand, and the unbelieving can’t understand devotion to God.  (1 Corinthians 2:14)

6. Believers’ devotion to God feels like a denunciation of other devotions.

7. The world’s accusations against God’s people are ultimately accusations against God Himself.

8. Jesus’ followers can never afford to relax, because the world we live in is in rebellion against God.

9. The temptation to compromise always appears logical and rather harmless.  But it’s neither!

10. In biblical faith truth is revealed by God.  In religious pluralism it’s defined by human choices. 

11. A culture that largely rejects the worship of God will worship human choice as if it is God.

12. Those who compromise biblical faith betray God - and invite others to join them.

13. If we choose devotion when the temptation  level is lower, we’ll be able to stand firm when it’s at its highest.  (Luke 16:10)



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