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Sermon Outline

1.  There’s an expiration date on human rebellion and the evil systems it produces. A day is coming when both will end.

2.  God keeps His promises. A day of final judgment will come.

3.  There are no “time-outs” in spiritual warfare! Every victory is followed by another battle. 

4.  Fallen humanity always seeks to marginalize and silence those who speak of God. Their message threatens its agendas.

5.  God knows when we need to hear His voice.

6.  When God’s people are uncertain of the immediate future, He often reminds them He controls the far-off future.

7.  When our faith is challenged we crave current explanations rather than future prophesies!

8.  Those who trust God for the big things that are far off are best able to trust Him for the smaller things at hand.

9.  Knowledge of the future gives us discernment in the present and sustains present faith.

10.  Rebellious humanity wants to override God’s narrative with its narrative. But its words will be forgotten, while God’s Word will endure forever.

11.  The God who controls the outcome of history will control the outcome of our history.
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