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Sermon Outline

1. In matters of faith it’s our choices – more than our words – that reveal our identity

2. It’s possible to be involved with a corrupt culture without being devoted to it!

3. Symbolic gestures remind us of our true identity and our commitment to God.  

4. The path to compromised faith often begins with forgetfulness!

5. Symbolic gestures fuel our hope.

6. The act of making a symbolic gesture strengthens both our commitment and our witness.  It gives shape to things that are invisible.

7. Symbolic gestures can be dangerous!  

8. In Babylonian culture eating the king’s food symbolized covenant loyalty to the king.

9. The choices that define us are the ones that reveal our ultimate devotion.  And God’s people reserve that devotion for God alone!

10. God’s called us to be a place where intentional ethnic, economic, generational, and political diversity replaces the intentional isolation that blinds us to our sins and God’s concerns.

11. God’s called us to be a place where His Word informs our politics rather than being prostituted to affirm our politics, thereby compromising our ultimate loyalties and confidences.  

12. God’s called us to be a place where He can transform us into selfless servants who accept inconvenience as the necessary price of mission – rather than self-centered consumers who lack the credibility and power to do mission.



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