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Sermon Outline

1.  A close walk with God enables us to accept change in how we live out God’s unchanging truth.

2.  The faith that produces godly servants within human culture may eventually make them hated targets of that culture!

3.  Godly living doesn’t end persecution; it often provokes it!

4.  Our initial commitment to God has to be continually renewed in the face of new challenges.

5.  The world resents and opposes those who refuse to conform to its playbook.

6.  The Christian message is disturbing if you’re on the wrong side of it.

7.  Believers should be model employees!  If we suffer persecution it should be in response to godliness - not poor performance!

8.  Prayer puts politics in the right perspective; in a position subordinate to God.

9.  Praying for those in authority doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray against their decisions.

10.  Believers who pray won’t always be delivered from the lions!  But the Lion of Judah will always have the final word.



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