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Sermon Outline

1. God’s revelation of the future is the lens through which we can accurately interpret the present.

2. God’s revelation of the future is the lens that helps us remain confident in the present. It corrects our vision when our challenges appear large and our resources and efforts appear small!

3. God’s opposition enjoys greater numbers, but God’s church possesses greater resources! Because God’s church possesses God’s Spirit!

4. What God’s opponents interpret as momentum toward God’s final defeat is actually momentum toward God’s final victory!

5. The efforts of God’s opponents to evict Him from the universe He created will end with their eviction from the universe He will gloriously restore!

6. The initial chapters of God’s work often appear to contradict His promised ending!

7. God’s eventual victories often have their beginnings in His apparent defeat.

8. What appears to be God’s defeat is actually God’s plan - and the defeat of everything that opposes Him.

9. The evil that laid the foundation for the permanent removal of God will find it has laid the foundation for its own permanent removal from the world.  

10. Those who’ve never grasped God’s bigger picture will always mock His people’s efforts. But mockery can’t defeat our efforts; it can only affirm them

11. God often calls His people to walk where He walks

12. Those who anticipate God’s promised future must learn to sustain their confidence in the interval between its revelation and its realization.


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